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Surviving The Sims Apocalypse With Itoh-Chan: Part Four

Surviving The Sims Apocalypse With Itoh-Chan Part Four
Surviving The Sims Apocalypse With Itoh-Chan Part Four

After I stopped recording Part Three of Itoh-Chan’s video series, I got up, picked up a pepperoni pizza from a local pizza shop, and sat back down to suffer from intense heartburn. Fortunately, reading through Sims guides so I wouldn’t look completely incompetent, playing Itoh-Chan off video, and a chewable antacid helped me get through the day.

That’s Not Where Your Face Goes, Itoh-Chan!

That’s Not Where Your Face Goes, Itoh-Chan

If you’ve seen the most recent Itoh-Chan episode, you’ll know she just got her first job. She hasn’t started her first day. I didn’t know what I’d want for her professionally yet, and she’s still a young adult trying to find her way, so being a babysitter makes the most sense.

Actually, no. It doesn’t make sense. Her job is for an older teenager, but if she’s the type to read with her entire face inside of a book, then maybe Itoh-Chan still has some growing up to do.

Until then, she doesn’t have the money for any source of entertainment other than sniffing books.

You Can Send Texts, Itoh-Chan!

I don’t remember there being a text option in The Sims 3. I looked it up, and apparently, it falls under the umbrella of “social networking.” However, you can fire off a text in The Sims 4 for nominal gain to the social meter and improve your relationship with other Sims.

Of course, we’re not talking to Lily because she left us without giving us a cake, and I don’t like Johnny’s face, so texting Eric was the lesser of three evils (until she can meet someone else). I still hold on to my belief that Eric was the cause of Itoh-Chan being cakeless. Fortunately, someone points out in the third episode’s comments that I was supposed to invite Lily in to get the cake, but how was I supposed to know that? When someone comes to your door with food, you grab the food at the door. That’s tradition, especially in these uncertain times.

Read Books Like A Normal Person, Itoh-Chan!

Sims 4 Itoh-Chan Jace

After reading almost every book on her bookshelf, Itoh-Chan was greeted by a man with zero fashion sense: Jace. I’m not sure if it’s because Itoh-Chan is running on full autonomy and invited Jace in, or Jace is just the worst type of person and invited himself in.

Sims 4 Itoh-Chan Jace Walks Away

Sure Jace, just walk right in, don’t you?

Itoh-Chan Reads Books

What’s worse is, Jace made no attempt to socialize with Itoh-Chan. He went straight for the only source of entertainment Itoh has in her home: the bookshelf. Either that, or he was weirded out by the way Itoh reads books. Why can’t you read books like a normal person, Itoh-Chan?

Why Is It Called “Surviving The Apocalypse” With Itoh-Chan?

Since Itoh-Chan is trying to converse with a man who is using her home as a personal library, I promised in the last video, that I would explain the title.

I know I’ve explained it before, but my whole thought process behind the title of the series was for Itoh-Chan to be a complete shut-in. I was trying to force somewhat of a “lock-down” on her and have her shun the rest of the world.

I’m sure there’s some kind of challenge to do that, but I realized it wouldn’t make for a very fun series to watch a Sim walk around the house all day, keeping their bars filled. What else could you possibly do?

Even though there is no way (other than mods, I’m sure) to practice social distancing in the Sims, I wanted to try and headcanon her purposely staying away from others. However, after thinking about it for a grand total of seven minutes and forty-eight seconds, I decided against it, but I’ll stick with the name and see which direction I want to take the Itoh-Chan series.

Any suggestions?

SimsEvermore’s Heartbreaker Challenge #1: Meet Riley

SimsEvermore’s Heartbreaker Challenge #1 Meet Riley
SimsEvermore’s Heartbreaker Challenge #1 Meet Riley

So we’re moving forward with the heartbreaker challenge starring Riley, a Sim we made initially to be part of our rags to riches challenge. However, after seeing the responses it was getting on Twitter, it was clear that Vivian would take over the rags to riches challenge, but we didn’t want to put Riley to waste!

Let’s Meet Riley

Meet Riley

Before we play Riley in The Sims 4, let’s look at a quick biography of her. We took the bio from our rags to riches challenge and changed it up slightly for our Sims Heartbreaker challenge.

Meet Riley. Riley has lived in the big city all of her life and, after spending time in University, she’s ready to become a successful young adult and prove to her parents that she can be independent. However, Riley doesn’t know what she wants romantically and wants to explore different partners. After losing almost all of her money in a multi-level marketing scheme on Facebook, Riley starts with very little money but has the whole world ahead of her.

Meet Riley Again

Here are Riley’s aspirations and traits. We didn’t know what to do with the third one, so we decided to go with “creative” because she looks like a creative Sim. We would have gone with non-committal, but we think we want to end her Heartbreaker challenge in the Sims by finally settling down.

Sim4 Heartbreaker Challenge Riley

We’re going to create our own SimsEvermore ruleset for a Sims 4 heartbreaker challenge while keeping the same idea behind it. However, those rules will be on part two of our Sims 4 Heartbreaker challenge post. Stay tuned!

Follow Riley’s story on SimsEvermore and our SimsEvermore Youtube channel, where you can also watch our Itoh-Chan series.

Surviving The Sims Apocalypse With Itoh-Chan The Cake Is A Lie


SimsEvermore’s 100 Heartbreak Challenge

SimsEvermore’s 100 Heartbreak Challenge
SimsEvermore’s 100 Heartbreak Challenge

I’ve been sitting down and looking through all the different challenges we could do on SimsEvermore. There’s everything from the Rags To Riches challenge (which we plan on doing) to the Truman Show challenge (which we most likely won’t do because I don’t want to deal with mods). However, one that seemed particularly interesting was the “100 Heartbreak Challenge.”

What Is The 100 Heartbreak Challenge?

I don’t know, you tell me. We looked up some rule threads for the 100 Heartbreak Challenge (which also seems to be named “The Heartbreaker Challenge) and can’t quite come up with a consensus on all the rules of the challenge other than “your Sim has to be a young adult Sim who breaks a hundred hearts.”

There are some variations of the challenge, such as not marrying, not having children, having children, having only your children be the ones who bring in income. It’s confusing. That’s why. We’re going to come up with our own 100 Heartbreak Challenge and have it follow Riley.

Who Is Riley?

Riley Sims 4 Rags To Riches Challenge
Riley Sims 4 Rags To Riches Challenge

Riley is one of the Sims we created to do our Rags to Riches challenge. However, no one seems to be voting for her on Twitter, so we might sneak her away once the voting is over and put her into a heartbreaker challenge. She looks like a heartbreaker, right?

Are There Even 100 Sims In The Game?

Other than dabbling with the Itoh-Chan series, we haven’t done too much in the Sims 4 to scope the game’s sheer volume yet. We weren’t too impressed with the smallish size of Oasis Springs, but it might take a couple of expansions to unlock more worlds even to complete this challenge.

Before we come up with any rules for our own SimsEvermore 100 Heartbreak Challenge, we need to see if there’s a demand for it. Reply here or on Twitter and let us know if this is something you’d like to see through a blog or video series.

Help SimsEvermore Choose A Sim For Our Rags To Riches Challenge

Help SimsEvermore Choose A Sim For Our Rags To Riches Challenge

We all know the Rags to Riches challenge. We don’t need to spend an entire post talking about it.

Your Sim is poor; they must become rich. It’s basically what we strive to do in our real lives except without having to get up out of our computer. Yes, sorry, mom, I’ll keep my Sims game low, I know it’s 2 AM, and I’m in my late twenties.

Anyway, every Sims blog has one because it’s one of the more difficult challenges to do (mostly because every different guide we’ve read has different rules for it), but it feels so rewarding in the end. We’re going to find the common points of each one, the “Rags to Riches Rules” post, and compile a SimsEvermore Rags to Riches version.

But before we do that, we need your help deciding which Sim to start the challenge with!

Take a quick look through each Sim and bio and help us decide which Sim to choose.

The Sims 4 Aaron

Name: Aaron

Biography: Aaron moved to Oasis Springs to find inspiration for his art. However, he hit his head on a helium balloon during the move and lost his talent completely. Now, he must learn to survive on his own without his skill for art. Should he find a new career for himself?

The Sims 4 Vivian

Name: Vivian

Biography: Vivian needed a change of scenery after a breakup. However, when she arrived in Oasis Springs, a desert crow swooped down and stole her purse, leaving her penniless. How will she ever recover?

The Sims 4 Liam

Name: Liam

Biography: Liam was a style influencer who always had a strong sense of fashion. However, after he put pineapple on pizza on a live stream, the internet’s cancel culture took over and created a petition to remove him from Instagram. He comes to Oasis Spring penniless and looks for a new start away from the internet’s toxic culture.

The Sims 4 Riley

Name: Riley

Biography: Riley comes from the big city after flunking out of university. She came to Oasis Springs to escape the big city life and prove to her parents that she doesn’t need a degree to be rich. Unfortunately, any money she had was lost in a multi-level marketing scheme on Facebook.

Help us decide which Sim to use for a Rags To Riches series on SimsEvermore!

Follow the adventures of Itoh-Chan as she fumbles her way through life because Bryan completely forgot how to play The Sims 4:

You Can No Longer Carry Toddlers While Hiking In The Sims 4

You Can No Longer Carry Toddlers While Hiking In The Sims 4

In the world’s most “Okay, but why?” news, EA removed the ability to carry toddlers when hiking. EA decided that carrying toddlers during a hike was the most unrealistic in a game with the supernatural, aliens, and realistically affordable colleges with affordable student loans that won’t take 40 years to pay off.

Realistic, But Not Pain-Less

The Sims 4 Toddlers

If you really sit and think about it, carrying a toddler during an entire hike isn’t impossible, but it would also lock your arms into place once you finally put your toddler down. It’s like carrying bags of groceries up the stairs, it’s not impossible, but you’ll definitely feel it the next day if you’re not properly conditioned (and let’s be real, maybe 0.0001% of us in the Sims community can even lift bro). At least we have the option for strollers in real life. Yes, that was meant for EA. GIVE US STROLLERS.

Toddlers Are Already Left Out Of Everything

The Sims 4 Toddler Parent Playing Card Game

We can run around and cast magic on other Sims but, for some reason, EA drew the line at including toddlers in literally anything in the Sims 4. We can’t even bring them along to a lot of places in the Sims 4.

“Sorry honey, we need to go to a holiday family even, but EA doesn’t think you’re people, so off to daycare with you.”

Could we even bring them on a hike in the first place? When we tried, the adult placed the toddler down and said, “Okay tiny human who cannot take care of itself, you wait here out in the open while I get some nature-fueled serotonin.”

Make it make sense, EA.

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Surviving The Sims Apocalypse With Itoh-Chan: My Honest Truth


Even On Sale, The Sims 4 And All Of Its DLC Was About The Price Of A PlayStation 5

Even On Sale, The Sims 4 And All Of Its DLC Was About The Price Of A PlayStation 5

We’re a day removed from Steam’s Autumn Sale, and I’m not afraid to admit I picked up an embarrassing amount of DLC for The Sims 4. It’s not just a great investment in having content for SimsEvermore, but it’s great for those of us who don’t use mods or custom content to fill the pockets of EA for extra stuff to fill out these tiny, tiny worlds.

The DLC For The Sims 4 Was 50%

Except for the newest expansion, all the DLC for The Sims 4 was 50% off. Some of the stuff packs you could’ve grabbed for the price of a non-value-meal-burger at a fast-food restaurant. I’m not going to lie, it was a little depressing adding them to my cart and watching my PayPal account slowly bleed out, but it was worth picking up some stuff I didn’t have.

For Those Who Wanted It All, Sacrifice A PlayStation 5

Everyone’s been trying to get their hands on a PlayStation 5 since it was released last month. However, there have been so many issues with the first wave of systems that we didn’t even bother. Some even used the money they saved for one to make the grandiose investment into The Sims 4. That’s because, for all the DLC (even at 50% off), you’re setting yourself back about $450. That’s almost the price of the regular PlayStation 5 (though, you could get the digital version for the same price plus taxes).

Was It Worth It?

Only time will tell if it was worth picking up as much DLC as I did for The Sims 4. Keep in mind, I’m not a builder, so having all the extra stuff for building or decorating homes was lost on me. I do like creating Sims with new hairstyles and clothes. I also like having some of the other worlds unlocked because Oasis Springs is depressingly tiny.

In hindsight, I could have saved some of it for The Sims 5, which, hopefully, should come around early 2021.

Common Complaints With The Sims 4: Snowy Escape


If you’re thinking of purchasing The Sims 4: Snowy Escape but are the type of person who values others’ opinions before making a decision, then this is your one-stop-shop for finding out what other people think of the game. We put on our hazard suits and stepped into the Sims community and collected common complaints with The Sims 4: Snowy Escape.

Disclaimer: None of these are our complaints (because honestly, we bought the DLC but haven’t explored it yet). We’re simply taking some of the common complaints we’ve found around the internet. Don’t kill the messenger now!

What Does It Even Add?

One of the most common complaints was wondering what value it brings to justify the expansion cost. There was already decor in the game to make decent Japanese-style homes; there was already snow, so what did it add besides some snow activities? It has a new world, but nothing worth paying full price for. They could have (at the very least) thrown in a yeti for what they’re charging for the expansion.

There’s Maybe Half An Hour Of New Content

If you were to sit down and play new content and new content only, you’d be done within half an hour. If you were someone who rushes everything, you’d knock it out within the first fifteen minutes. If you use your imagination, you could probably stretch it out for a couple of hours.

The Lots Are Small

Well, it is “Japan,” right? The houses are normally small, so you’re going to have to cramp a larger family into one of them or get rid of one of the rentals. Not sure why The Sims 4 decided to go for accuracy with Snowy Escape when it came to lots and almost nothing else (except for build items).

At least there are new social interactions, but that doesn’t necessarily help loner Sims.

Do you have any legitimate complaints about The Sims 4: Snowy Escape?

Surviving The Sims Apocalypse With Itoh-Chan: Part Three

Surviving The Sims Apocalypse With Itoh-Chan Part Three

It was the shut-in type of day for Itoh-Chan. She didn’t go out at all. That’s kind of what I was hoping to do with her until I realized there wasn’t much to do outside either. The worlds in The Sims 4 aren’t as vibrant or sprawling as they were in The Sims 3. Maybe I’m just looking back through rose-colored glasses, but I could have sworn the worlds in The Sims 3 were a lot bigger.

I’d Google any comparisons the Sims community inevitably have out there, but Itoh-Chan burned her toast again.

Don’t Waste Food, Itoh-Chan!

Itoh, we shouldn’t waste food. I don’t think “Finally not burning a meal, only to grab a peanut butter and jelly sandwich” is a personality trait, but Itoh-Chan somehow mastered it. For the first time, Itoh-Chan prepared a perfectly eatable meal only to put it on the counter, give it a huge middle finger and reach for peanut butter and jelly sandwich from the fridge. I’m not sure what point she was trying to make, but I’ll make her eat it later. We don’t have the kind of money to waste food like this, Itoh-Chan.

How Much Food Are You Wasting, Itoh-Chan?

The gravity of the situation didn’t settle on me until I turned my camera to notice something on the floor: even more bread. See, this is why I don’t like having Sims autonomy on. She’s wasting so much food. She’s very wasteful with food for a girl who needs to turn off the lights to save money.

Maybe that’s why she needs to ponder the fullness of the glass she left on the table after eating.

However, pondering the fullness of this glass sent Itoh-Chan spiraling into some sort of existential crisis. One she needed to work off right then and there because, well, that’s the type of person she is? What type? I don’t even know myself yet.

That’s why I’ve been considering remaking Itoh-Chan. When I made her, she was just my first foray into create-a-Sims. I completely skipped over her ambitions, her personality, and whatever else I needed to make her the person she is right now on the inside: completely random, randomly depressed, devoid of a clear-cut personality.

Maybe that’s what makes her fun?

You should watch the first video in SimsEvermore’s Itoh-Chan series:

Follow the adventures of Itoh-Chan and find more Sims content at Sims Evermore.

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