All I Want For Christmas 2020: Sims 1 And 2

Wishful thinking is hoping a jolly man in a red suit comes down your chimney with a bag full of presents. However, there’s something we all would like that’s even more wishful thinking for the holidays this season: The Sims 1 and 2.

EA No Longer Supports The Older Titles

Almost a decade ago now (wow where has time gone?) The Sims 2: Ultimate Edition was available on Origin. The Sims 2 was something I never got around to playing, unfortunately. When the game released I was in high school and was more focused on my social life than a virtual one. That’s why it would be nice to go back and see what all the hubbub was about with the game.

For a limited time, EA supported The Sims 2: Ultimate Edition. To cut the wound even deeper, it was absolutely free on Origin. EA officially stopped the promotion in 2014, but the official code support for the game ended in 2018.

What About The Original Sims?

The first Sims game is where I got started with the wonderful world of enjoying a virtual life over my real life one. I used to play the game at my Uncle’s brother’s mansion as a way to kill time. Yes, instead of running around a mansion as a kid, I sat down and played The Sims. The game was for his young daughter, around my age at the time, so there’s a lot I would like to revisit even for nostalgia reasons.

I wish there was a way to purchase The Sims 1 and 2 (legally) digitally. Some have said eBay, but I’m very wary of the sellers on eBay. There’s no review system for individual products, so stuff that looks like it was made in Microsoft Paint makes me think twice about trusting it, even if it is only about $10-$20.

The reason why I have to look for a digital version, especially one that would work with Windows 10, is because my computer doesn’t have a disc drive. Even if I go out and purchase an external disc drive that plugs into my USB, there’s no guarantee the games would work with the current version of Windows.

My only hope is Origin (or Steam) makes The Sims 1 and 2 available digitally again, but again, that’s wishful thinking.

Do you still have your copies of the first two Sims games?