Confessions Of A Gameplay Simmer Who Can’t Build Worth Beans

I love The Sims. There’s something about progressing a virtual life instead of my own that makes the game so addicting. Instead of remembering that I’m typing away at a computer, developing carpal tunnel, in a small apartment, I get to immerse myself in a much more handsome version of me in a mansion.

However, I didn’t build this mansion myself.

I’m Always In Awe Of Creative Builders

I was too young to be a part of any communities on the original Sims game. All I did was open the application and start controlling a Sim as they lived in pre-made houses. It wasn’t until The Sims 3 when I really started getting into the community side of things. I was always blown away by some of the builds other Simmers would create.

Meanwhile, I Make Rectangle Houses

The few times I’ve attempted to build anything myself in build-mode, I made perfectly rectangular houses. There was one time I made an alcove. I thought that was pretty cool. However, I completely forgot about the roof, so when I saw the house from the outside, the roof was completely flat. I also forgot about the fact that houses need some form of siding, so it was just a gray brick sitting in the middle of Lucky Palms.

I’m An Even Worse Interior Decorator

I have absolutely no style, in real life, or in The Sims. I will put a tile floor with cool futuristic-looking wallpaper. My bathroom will look like someone cut and paste different bathrooms into one room with no flow at all. I’ll spend all my Simoleons on an expensive gold-plated shower, then have the tub straight from a motel bathroom.

I couldn’t build in The Sims to save my life. I’m hoping to pick up a few skills as I get into The Sims 4.

How are your building skills? Do you focus more on the gameplay, or do you enjoy the building aspect of The Sims more?

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