Help SimsEvermore Choose A Sim For Our Rags To Riches Challenge

We all know the Rags to Riches challenge. We don’t need to spend an entire post talking about it.

Your Sim is poor; they must become rich. It’s basically what we strive to do in our real lives except without having to get up out of our computer. Yes, sorry, mom, I’ll keep my Sims game low, I know it’s 2 AM, and I’m in my late twenties.

Anyway, every Sims blog has one because it’s one of the more difficult challenges to do (mostly because every different guide we’ve read has different rules for it), but it feels so rewarding in the end. We’re going to find the common points of each one, the “Rags to Riches Rules” post, and compile a SimsEvermore Rags to Riches version.

But before we do that, we need your help deciding which Sim to start the challenge with!

Take a quick look through each Sim and bio and help us decide which Sim to choose.

The Sims 4 Aaron

Name: Aaron

Biography: Aaron moved to Oasis Springs to find inspiration for his art. However, he hit his head on a helium balloon during the move and lost his talent completely. Now, he must learn to survive on his own without his skill for art. Should he find a new career for himself?

The Sims 4 Vivian

Name: Vivian

Biography: Vivian needed a change of scenery after a breakup. However, when she arrived in Oasis Springs, a desert crow swooped down and stole her purse, leaving her penniless. How will she ever recover?

The Sims 4 Liam

Name: Liam

Biography: Liam was a style influencer who always had a strong sense of fashion. However, after he put pineapple on pizza on a live stream, the internet’s cancel culture took over and created a petition to remove him from Instagram. He comes to Oasis Spring penniless and looks for a new start away from the internet’s toxic culture.

The Sims 4 Riley

Name: Riley

Biography: Riley comes from the big city after flunking out of university. She came to Oasis Springs to escape the big city life and prove to her parents that she doesn’t need a degree to be rich. Unfortunately, any money she had was lost in a multi-level marketing scheme on Facebook.

Help us decide which Sim to use for a Rags To Riches series on SimsEvermore!

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