I Can’t Decide If I Want To Get The Sims 3 On Origin Or Steam

I was looking through Steam’s current Autumn Sale, and I noticed the base game was on sale, so I figured, “If The Sims 4 was on sale, maybe I can get The Sims 3 for cheap?”

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. The Sims 3 is still $19.99 on Steam, along with all of the DLC. I make an okay living as a writer, but not enough to where I can afford almost $400 worth of The Sims 3 content.

For a game that’s over a decade old now, it’s not worth the price of a next-generation console for me to go back and relive my nostalgia of the late 2000s. I would have to do what I did last time with The Sims 3 and get the base game and one pack at a time.

What About The Sims 3 On Origin?

I decided to see if The Sims 3 was on Origin. To be fair, when you click “The Sims” on Origin, they only ever push The Sims 4. I had to search for The Sims 3, specifically in the search bar. I didn’t see any kind of bundle deal, and the price was the same for all the packs.

There’s a reason I haven’t logged into Origin for a couple of years. I originally purchased The Sims 4 in 2014 when it first came out, but I never got past the create-a-sims before giving up on it. Maybe it’s because my computer at the time couldn’t handle it?

I’m Thinking Of Going To Steam Full Time

The only reason I downloaded Origin was that I needed it to play The Sims 4. Now that the game is available on Steam, I’m thinking of cutting my losses with the base game and the one expansion (Get To Work) I have on Origin and moving over to Steam. I tried to Google and see if Get To Work would work on Steam, and I’m not getting a direct answer unless I want to run into a couple of issues. I’ll have to look into it, but it’s worth the risk of having a reason to uninstall Origin forever and forgetting it exists (unless I’ll need it again for The Sims 5).

As far as deciding whether to get The Sims 3 on Steam or Origin, I think I answered my own question. See? Sometimes it helps to type things out.

Do you own The Sims on Steam or Origin? They’re the same game, but which platform do you like better?