I Wonder If The Sims 5 Will Be On Steam?

I’ll be honest; I have no idea what’s going on with The Sims 5. The developer has already confirmed The Sims 5 is already in development, but everything else I’m trying to find on Google looks like it’s all fan-made theories. I’ll admit, I was fooled by some YouTube videos claiming to be The Sims 5 trailer, only to see them be reaction videos or weird fan-made trailers. As of writing this, there are no official Sims 5 trailers.

I Just Want To Know If The Sims 5 Will Be On Steam

The Sims 5 is confirmed, but I do not see any real confirmation of whether the game will be on Steam. I recently decided to switch from Origin to Steam because I don’t like Origin. It’s too buggy and not really as intuitive as Steam is. Steam has its issues, but I want to have all my games and stuff on one platform.

I Will Go Back To Origin If I Need To For The Sims 5

I missed The Sims 4 trains by miles. I was really into The Sims 3, but I never made it past the create-a-sims portion of The Sims 4 back in 2014. I’m getting into The Sims 4 now, but I feel I’ve missed a significant train. I don’t intend to make that same mistake with The Sims 5. I think a lot of it was because my computer at the time couldn’t handle it. I planned on playing it for the PlayStation 4, but I ended up upgrading my computer eventually. I hope it will be enough to play The Sims 5.

EA Play Might Answer My Own Question

I was looking into whether or not I should pick up EA play. I went through the FAQ for EA Play on Steam and saw that the subscription-based service is also available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Origin. That means, if The Sims 5 comes out for EA Play, it should be available across all these platforms, in theory, right?

Would you rather play The Sims 5 on Steam or Origin?

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