SimsEvermore’s Heartbreaker Challenge #1: Meet Riley

So we’re moving forward with the heartbreaker challenge starring Riley, a Sim we made initially to be part of our rags to riches challenge. However, after seeing the responses it was getting on Twitter, it was clear that Vivian would take over the rags to riches challenge, but we didn’t want to put Riley to waste!

Let’s Meet Riley

Meet Riley

Before we play Riley in The Sims 4, let’s look at a quick biography of her. We took the bio from our rags to riches challenge and changed it up slightly for our Sims Heartbreaker challenge.

Meet Riley. Riley has lived in the big city all of her life and, after spending time in University, she’s ready to become a successful young adult and prove to her parents that she can be independent. However, Riley doesn’t know what she wants romantically and wants to explore different partners. After losing almost all of her money in a multi-level marketing scheme on Facebook, Riley starts with very little money but has the whole world ahead of her.

Meet Riley Again

Here are Riley’s aspirations and traits. We didn’t know what to do with the third one, so we decided to go with “creative” because she looks like a creative Sim. We would have gone with non-committal, but we think we want to end her Heartbreaker challenge in the Sims by finally settling down.

Sim4 Heartbreaker Challenge Riley

We’re going to create our own SimsEvermore ruleset for a Sims 4 heartbreaker challenge while keeping the same idea behind it. However, those rules will be on part two of our Sims 4 Heartbreaker challenge post. Stay tuned!

Follow Riley’s story on SimsEvermore and our SimsEvermore Youtube channel, where you can also watch our Itoh-Chan series.