Speculation Over The Leaked Sims 4 Stuff Pack

If there’s anything the internet loves to do, it’s to speculate over the smallest bits of information wildly. That’s what happened when some eagle-eyed Simmers noticed a leaked stuff pack on Origin back in September. Some even had the funds to purchase it right away with absolutely no information about it (if anything, this cements the fact you could slap a brand on anything, and people will buy it without hesitation).

@EAHelp on Twitter addressed the leak back in September:

With the official Sims account tweeting the well-known fact that cats and keyboards don’t mix:

However, with December rolling around, we’re bound to hear something soon about this stuff pack. EA refunded anyone who purchased the leaked stuff pack.

Could It Be Christmas-Themed?

We have a free Holiday Celebration pack to decorate our homes (and our Sims) with festive objects and attire. However, this stuff pack came out almost a decade ago with some updates. Maybe it’s time for even more ugly sweaters, Christmas decorations, and party outfits?

Maybe It’s Pirates?

Some are thinking it could be a pirate-themed stuff pack. There are some mods and custom content, but there’s no stuff pack dedicated to pirates. Honestly, we’d rather have a whole pirate-themed game pack, complete with a pirate-themed world and relatively safe-for-work pirate activities.

When Does This Leaked Stuff Pack For The Sims 4 Come Out?

Now comes the part where we wildly speculate because we have no information at all: we’re hoping we get something in December. Others are thinking it will be closer to January or February.

For now, we’ll have to wait for more information, but we’re confident it will be one of the last stuff packs for The Sims 4 before we heard anything about The Sims 5.

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