Survive The Sims Apocalypse With Itoh-Chan: Part One

Hello, my name is Bryan Havoc and, because of the embarrassing amount of time I’ve spent total between the original Sims game and The Sims 3, I thought myself to be a veteran Simmer.

However, when The Sims 4 released in 2014, there was something about the first five minutes of the game that turned me away from the series. Yes, I absolutely judged the book by its cover and its first three pages.

Fast-forward to 2020, and The Sims 5 sounds like it’s around the corner, but there’s a part of me that wanted to give The Sims 4 a chance, but the only way I was going to do that was by telling stories. I was a storyteller in The Sims 3. I had my own YouTube channel with a series called “Lucky Tales,” maintained a blog, and spent more time on the Sims 3 forums than a man in his twenties really should have.

Now I’m back, and I plan on playing The Sims 4 further than the create-a-sim screen. I’m glad to have you along on my adventure almost a decade later.

Survive The Sims Apocalypse With ITOH-CHAN: Part One

Meet Itoh-Chan

“Itoh-Chan” is loosely based on the popular Japanese wrestler, Maki Itoh. Much like Itoh’s personality in real life, Itoh-Chan will be childish and cheerful. Her whole persona is based on not taking the world around her as seriously as she really should . Unfortunately, I only have the “Get To Work” expansion with no stuff packs or anything, so I did what I could with her clothes and hair.

Why Is It The Sims Apocalypse?

Itoh-Chan’s world in my headcanon will exist during COVID. Yes, I know there’s no way to have a sweeping pandemic in The Sims 4, but I’m going to have Itoh-Chan pretend there is.

Welcome To Oasis Springs, Itoh-Chan!

The first thing I noticed when I selected the worlds was the staggering ant-farm-sized maps compared to that of The Sims 3. The entirety of Oasis Springs was maybe a corner of Sunset Valley. I went to check the other worlds I could have Itoh-Chan go, but they weren’t any bigger. I don’t want to look it up and spoil myself, but maybe one of the expansions has something that isn’t a rinky-dink town.

It’s Time To Move In, Itoh-Chan!

The first thing I fumbled with was how to turn the camera. I wasn’t used to The Sims 3 camera, and I forgot to turn off her free will, so while I was messing around with the camera, Itoh-Chan decided to go in and prepare eggs and toast for herself. However, by the time I could catch up with her, she had a book and unprepared toast on a cutting board sitting on the table while she stared into the void. I had her free will on, she could have done anything at this point, but no, she stared.

I finally clicked on the toast and told her to resume her cooking. She managed to get her toast stuck to the pan, when someone rang her doorbell. His name was Johnny Zest, and you can’t convince me he doesn’t look like an alien. However, because I don’t want Itoh-Chan interacting with other Sims right now, I left him on porch “read.”

Fires Are Bad, Itoh-Chan!

I thought Johnny would hit the bricks, but for some reason, he ran straight in when the fire inevitably started. Apparently, the safest place to run during a fire is directly inside. It would have made sense if he had helped Itoh put out the fire, but no, he just stood there, looking like an alien.

There’s definitely something up with this guy.

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