Why Does The Sims 4 Get Together Not Appeal To Me?

The Steam Autumn sale is here, and the only thing I’m looking at right now is trying to fill my Sims library. I recently decided to leave my Sims on Origin and re-purchase the base game on Steam. I only had one expansion on Origin, which was Get To Work, but I believe that after reaching out to Dr. Google, I will still be able to play Get To Work if I purchase the base game on Steam. It’s not too much of a loss then because the base game is the price of a Mcdonald’s burger because of the Autumn Sale. I’m thinking of getting the bundle with Seasons for only $17.

Anyway, I looked through the Sims DLC on Steam to see what other packs I wanted to pick up and looked into The Sims 4 Get Together.

I Was Never A Party Person In The Sims

The Get Together pack for The Sims 4 advertises clubs, getting together dancing, and partying in general. I don’t remember getting that much into it in older Sims games. I think I only purchased Late Night for The Sims 3 just to have it but never got into it.

Maybe It’s Because I’m Not A Party Person?

I’m an introvert in real life. I know, with The Sims, we live in a virtual world where we can be anyone we want to be, but the concept of partying hard in clubs still doesn’t appeal to virtual me. I already do things in The Sims I wouldn’t do in real life, like answer the phone or doorbell, so the thought of dressing up, going to clubs, and meeting new people, still makes me uncomfortable.

I Might Pick It Up If It Goes On A Better Sale

Right now, with the Steam Autumn Sale, the expansions are 50% off. That means I could pick up Get Together for only $19.99. That’s still a little steep for what I’m willing to pay for it, especially since I’ll rebuild my Sims presence on Steam. I’m willing to pick it up if it goes on sale for 90%.

Do you have The Sims 4: Get Together? What do you think of it?

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