You Can No Longer Carry Toddlers While Hiking In The Sims 4

In the world’s most “Okay, but why?” news, EA removed the ability to carry toddlers when hiking. EA decided that carrying toddlers during a hike was the most unrealistic in a game with the supernatural, aliens, and realistically affordable colleges with affordable student loans that won’t take 40 years to pay off.

Realistic, But Not Pain-Less

The Sims 4 Toddlers

If you really sit and think about it, carrying a toddler during an entire hike isn’t impossible, but it would also lock your arms into place once you finally put your toddler down. It’s like carrying bags of groceries up the stairs, it’s not impossible, but you’ll definitely feel it the next day if you’re not properly conditioned (and let’s be real, maybe 0.0001% of us in the Sims community can even lift bro). At least we have the option for strollers in real life. Yes, that was meant for EA. GIVE US STROLLERS.

Toddlers Are Already Left Out Of Everything

The Sims 4 Toddler Parent Playing Card Game

We can run around and cast magic on other Sims but, for some reason, EA drew the line at including toddlers in literally anything in the Sims 4. We can’t even bring them along to a lot of places in the Sims 4.

“Sorry honey, we need to go to a holiday family even, but EA doesn’t think you’re people, so off to daycare with you.”

Could we even bring them on a hike in the first place? When we tried, the adult placed the toddler down and said, “Okay tiny human who cannot take care of itself, you wait here out in the open while I get some nature-fueled serotonin.”

Make it make sense, EA.

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