Survive The Sims Apocalypse With Itoh-Chan: Part Two

I was thinking about what Itoh-Chan’s blog would mean for me. I started it with the idea that Itoh-Chan would be a shut-in, but then I realized I made her relatively childish, and that’s not very fun if she’s going to be a shut-in. I have to rethink how I want to approach my Itoh-Chan story. If anything, I will use “Survive The Sims Apocalypse With Itoh-Chan” as a means of getting acclimated with The Sims 4. Remember, I haven’t played The Sims in almost a decade, so there’s a lot I still have to learn (even though I’m coming into The Sims 4 a little too late.

The Fire Triggered Summer, Itoh-Chan

I decided I had ​enough of Origin​, and took the steps to move the one DLC I had on Origin to Steam. That meant I had to purchase the base game again. Fortunately for me, the game was only under $5, so it wasn’t a huge loss for me. I ended up purchasing a bundle with The Sims 4: Seasons because that’s the one many Simmers suggested to me when I asked.

However, when I got everything transferred over to Steam, I booted up the game and noticed both Johnny and Itoh were in their Summer clothes. Yes, Johnny was still around. I don’t know why. I never invited him in; he invited himself in. While Itoh-Chan was mourning the loss of her new stove and counter, he made himself at home.

Don’t Be Rude, Itoh-Chan

Johnny had the audacity to go to the table and pick up the book Itoh-Chan was reading before she started the fire. What’s worse is, this guest who wasn’t invited in, didn’t even read the book. He just picked it up and put it back! Something had to give, so I clicked on “Funny Introduction,” and that, for some reason, moved both Sims outside to have a conversation. Johnny must not like funny women because he was very tense the whole time if you look at his body language. The “benefit of the doubt” in me wanted to say it was because of the fire, but I hope it’s not because he’s some kind of internal misogynist. After a couple of jokes, Johnny walked away.

That’s Not A Television, Itoh-Chan

I stood up and went to the bathroom in real life and let Itoh-Chan do what she wants at full autonomy (I know this as “free will”). When I came back, I saw her sitting on the couch in front of the television while reading a book. I tried clicking on it to turn it on to
have some background noise, but nothing was working. It took an embarrassing amount of time for me to realize that this wasn’t a television; it was just the headboard in the bedroom.

I had to raise the walls to confirm there was nothing against the wall. The only fun she has, for now, is reading books. I’d buy Itoh-Chan a television, but she’s kind of in a financial hole because of replacing burned items in the fire.

At least she can “Pee Like A Champion.”

Apparently, the book she’s reading is so interesting she can’t put it down, even to pee. Great, now the book will forever have a “bathroom smell.”

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