Surviving The Sims Apocalypse With Itoh-Chan: Part Four

After I stopped recording Part Three of Itoh-Chan’s video series, I got up, picked up a pepperoni pizza from a local pizza shop, and sat back down to suffer from intense heartburn. Fortunately, reading through Sims guides so I wouldn’t look completely incompetent, playing Itoh-Chan off video, and a chewable antacid helped me get through the day.

That’s Not Where Your Face Goes, Itoh-Chan!

That’s Not Where Your Face Goes, Itoh-Chan

If you’ve seen the most recent Itoh-Chan episode, you’ll know she just got her first job. She hasn’t started her first day. I didn’t know what I’d want for her professionally yet, and she’s still a young adult trying to find her way, so being a babysitter makes the most sense.

Actually, no. It doesn’t make sense. Her job is for an older teenager, but if she’s the type to read with her entire face inside of a book, then maybe Itoh-Chan still has some growing up to do.

Until then, she doesn’t have the money for any source of entertainment other than sniffing books.

You Can Send Texts, Itoh-Chan!

I don’t remember there being a text option in The Sims 3. I looked it up, and apparently, it falls under the umbrella of “social networking.” However, you can fire off a text in The Sims 4 for nominal gain to the social meter and improve your relationship with other Sims.

Of course, we’re not talking to Lily because she left us without giving us a cake, and I don’t like Johnny’s face, so texting Eric was the lesser of three evils (until she can meet someone else). I still hold on to my belief that Eric was the cause of Itoh-Chan being cakeless. Fortunately, someone points out in the third episode’s comments that I was supposed to invite Lily in to get the cake, but how was I supposed to know that? When someone comes to your door with food, you grab the food at the door. That’s tradition, especially in these uncertain times.

Read Books Like A Normal Person, Itoh-Chan!

Sims 4 Itoh-Chan Jace

After reading almost every book on her bookshelf, Itoh-Chan was greeted by a man with zero fashion sense: Jace. I’m not sure if it’s because Itoh-Chan is running on full autonomy and invited Jace in, or Jace is just the worst type of person and invited himself in.

Sims 4 Itoh-Chan Jace Walks Away

Sure Jace, just walk right in, don’t you?

Itoh-Chan Reads Books

What’s worse is, Jace made no attempt to socialize with Itoh-Chan. He went straight for the only source of entertainment Itoh has in her home: the bookshelf. Either that, or he was weirded out by the way Itoh reads books. Why can’t you read books like a normal person, Itoh-Chan?

Why Is It Called “Surviving The Apocalypse” With Itoh-Chan?

Since Itoh-Chan is trying to converse with a man who is using her home as a personal library, I promised in the last video, that I would explain the title.

I know I’ve explained it before, but my whole thought process behind the title of the series was for Itoh-Chan to be a complete shut-in. I was trying to force somewhat of a “lock-down” on her and have her shun the rest of the world.

I’m sure there’s some kind of challenge to do that, but I realized it wouldn’t make for a very fun series to watch a Sim walk around the house all day, keeping their bars filled. What else could you possibly do?

Even though there is no way (other than mods, I’m sure) to practice social distancing in the Sims, I wanted to try and headcanon her purposely staying away from others. However, after thinking about it for a grand total of seven minutes and forty-eight seconds, I decided against it, but I’ll stick with the name and see which direction I want to take the Itoh-Chan series.

Any suggestions?