Surviving The Sims Apocalypse With Itoh-Chan: Part Three

It was the shut-in type of day for Itoh-Chan. She didn’t go out at all. That’s kind of what I was hoping to do with her until I realized there wasn’t much to do outside either. The worlds in The Sims 4 aren’t as vibrant or sprawling as they were in The Sims 3. Maybe I’m just looking back through rose-colored glasses, but I could have sworn the worlds in The Sims 3 were a lot bigger.

I’d Google any comparisons the Sims community inevitably have out there, but Itoh-Chan burned her toast again.

Don’t Waste Food, Itoh-Chan!

Itoh, we shouldn’t waste food. I don’t think “Finally not burning a meal, only to grab a peanut butter and jelly sandwich” is a personality trait, but Itoh-Chan somehow mastered it. For the first time, Itoh-Chan prepared a perfectly eatable meal only to put it on the counter, give it a huge middle finger and reach for peanut butter and jelly sandwich from the fridge. I’m not sure what point she was trying to make, but I’ll make her eat it later. We don’t have the kind of money to waste food like this, Itoh-Chan.

How Much Food Are You Wasting, Itoh-Chan?

The gravity of the situation didn’t settle on me until I turned my camera to notice something on the floor: even more bread. See, this is why I don’t like having Sims autonomy on. She’s wasting so much food. She’s very wasteful with food for a girl who needs to turn off the lights to save money.

Maybe that’s why she needs to ponder the fullness of the glass she left on the table after eating.

However, pondering the fullness of this glass sent Itoh-Chan spiraling into some sort of existential crisis. One she needed to work off right then and there because, well, that’s the type of person she is? What type? I don’t even know myself yet.

That’s why I’ve been considering remaking Itoh-Chan. When I made her, she was just my first foray into create-a-Sims. I completely skipped over her ambitions, her personality, and whatever else I needed to make her the person she is right now on the inside: completely random, randomly depressed, devoid of a clear-cut personality.

Maybe that’s what makes her fun?

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